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No Perfect Time To File For Divorce

Kansas residents might be surprised to find out that divorce filings increase significantly in March and August, according to a study presented at the American Sociological Association in 2016. While experts say that there is no perfect time to file for divorce, the preparation for it should begin months before.

There are many reasons why divorce filings increase. The summer months, for example, often mean the added stress of having children at home and planning family vacations, which can complicate existing tensions within a marriage. Additionally, many couples do not seek help for their problems until it is too late to solve them. While the reasons for seeking a divorce vary, the important thing is the preparation that goes before it.

Many people jump into the divorce process uninformed and unprepared. Thinking and planning for a divorce should begin months before the couple decides to file. During these months, a person considering divorce should become aware of the financial and legal status of the family as well as gather documents, figure out the types of accounts and amounts they have and whose names are on the house deed. During this process, some couples also go to discernment counseling, a type of couple’s counseling that helps spouses figure out if they should stay together or proceed with the divorce.

For couples who are also parents, there might be considerations about when to tell the children. While experts recommend being honest with children about the relationship, they also recommend holding off on telling kids about divorce until there is a concrete plan.

Planning for a divorce is complex. Consulting a family law lawyer might help make the planning and actual divorce process somewhat easier since he or she can provide legal advice as well as representation when the process begins.

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