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7 ways to ruin your estate plan

If you have concerns about your loved ones’ well-being after you are gone, you may be considering your options for estate planning. Like many in Kansas and across the country, you may be hoping the assets in your estate can provide some stability and security for your...

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Who gets the pet in your divorce?

When you look back over the closest companions you have had in your life, probably at least one of them was a pet. Dogs, cats and other animals often provide emotional support and unconditional love that you may not have found anywhere else, even in your marriage....

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3 tips for keeping your business safe

Businesses are subject to many risks on many planes; they face danger on the physical, financial and cyber levels among others. They are vulnerable to theft, lawsuits, competition, hacking and more.  Eliminating all hazards to your business is impossible. However,...

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How to resolve a business dispute

Whether you have a dispute with a partner, vendor or client, you can preserve your business relationship with a smart approach to the conflict. Having methods in hand to cope with these issues can also protect the reputation and profitability of your company. Review...

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Whiplash can disrupt your life

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, you were smart to accept a medical evaluation on the scene and perhaps even head to the emergency room for a more thorough exam. You may decide to take a few days off work and soak in a warm bath to ease the sore muscles...

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