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Steps for handling a tenant who won't pay rent

Owning rental property is a common way to make some extra cash. In fact, some wise investors accumulate enough properties to support themselves on the rent. Of course, this depends on if the tenants actually pay the rent.

Whether you own one duplex or a dozen residential and commercial properties, tenants are the common factor in the success or failure of your investment. If you have a good screening process and are fortunate, you can end up with renters who are respectful of your property and compliant with your regulations, including the due date for rent. However, what do you do when rent is no longer a priority for one of your tenants?

Child custody and smoothing the process for kids

When there is a divorce in Kansas, parents face the challenge of helping their children adapt. Often, this is a difficult adjustment for children and it is beneficial for the parents to be prepared to assist them. As the case moves forward, it is wise to be fully prepared to navigate the children through this complicated situation.

There are certain foundational steps to ensure the children are disrupted as little as possible. When crafting a parenting plan, it is a benefit for the parents to have open lines of communication. Knowing when a parent will pick up a child and addressing seemingly minor issues can keep everyone on the same page. Kids will feel involved if the parents give them some influence. Age can be a determinative factor in this. If they want to wear certain clothes or bring various entertainment items, allowing them to do so can put them in a positive frame of mind.

Steps to keeping a home in a divorce

What to do with the family home in a divorce can be a difficult decision for some Kansas couples. If one individual decides to keep it, there are still a number of steps to take.

First, the couple should hire an appraiser to get the home's value. That value and the mortgage balance are used to calculate how much equity each person has. Some couples may want the additional financial protection of each person having an appraiser. Ideally, these appraisers will come up with a similar home value, but a third party may need to be hired if their valuations differ substantially. A home inspector can identify any problems with the property, which allows the couple to decide how to address necessary repairs before the divorce is final.

Pharmacy chain sues game company over contract dispute

Some Kansas gamers may appreciate the convenience of being able to pick up their favorite titles at a local pharmacy, but a deal between Walgreens and AtGames has led to a breach of contract lawsuit. The pharmacy chain sued the plug-and-play game developer, saying that the company refused to honor an agreement about unsold units. According to Walgreens, AtGames provided products to the pharmacy company with a "guaranteed sale" clause. This means that the game company had to accept back unsold units and refund Walgreens what it paid for them. However, Walgreens says that AtGames has refused to pay for unsold games that it returned.

The pharmacy chain says that AtGames breached their contract. It returned over 66,500 unsold games, each worth between $15 and $38. After the return, AtGames refused to refund Walgreens, and the pharmacy chain says it is owed almost $1.62 million as a result. Walgreens offered plug-in and portable microconsoles produced by AtGames featuring classic systems like the Atari 2600 and the Sega Genesis. It also had multi-game titles with plug-and-play controllers offering arcade favorites like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Centipede. The game company has not yet responded to Walgreens' claims, and it has until Oct. 10 to file a reply.

Potentially effective suggestions to deal with a divorce

For Kansas residents, divorce is often a difficult transition. Many factors must be considered including spousal support, child custody, child support, property division and more. The personal and emotional impact is significant, so it can be beneficial to have various coping mechanisms.

Around half of first marriages end in divorce. A common mistake is to try and handle it without guidance. Leaning on relatives and friends can reassure a person as the case moves forward. People are commonly resistant to getting professional care with a therapist, but therapy addresses issues that are beyond the expertise of family and friends. Replacing the bad memories from the marriage requires creating new ones. Discovering new experiences, activities and friends may be helpful.

Out-of-court divorce negotiation useful but not always successful

Going through divorce is often one of the more trying experiences that individuals go through. You may have expected your relationship to last a lifetime when you tied the knot, but over the years, the reality of your unhappiness in the marriage came to the forefront. Though you may not hold any animosity toward your spouse, you knew that ending the marriage was the best decision.

You may have broken the news to your spouse and found that he or she took it relatively well. Of course, that does not mean that your divorce case will be free from conflict, but it could set you on the right path for coming to a settlement more easily and more quickly.

Does money really influence marital satisfaction?

Kansas couples might be concerned with the impact money has on marital satisfaction, particularly in light of the belief that money issues are often linked to dissatisfaction in marriage. They might be surprised to know, however, that a study published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science found that socioeconomic factors did not affect happiness and satisfaction in marriage as previously believed.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Texas and University of Utah, focused on 431 couples in Los Angeles districts with low socioeconomic standing. The study followed the couples from newlyweds into five years of their relationship and asked them to respond to a survey to determine happiness and satisfaction at different points in their marriage. As newlyweds, 60% of the couples reported high levels of marital satisfaction, 30% reported moderate levels and 10% reported low levels. The couples were surveyed four more times with interesting findings.

Efforts continue to develop breathalyzer for weed

One promising device for detecting marijuana usage in drivers has been in development since 2016 and could be ready for mass production relatively soon. However, it may take a long time before widespread use of a machine like a breathalyzer for cannabis. Kansas residents might like to know more about the efforts to identify marijuana impairment.

The device, which was made by the University of Pittsburgh, works by using carbon nanotubes to find THC through breath testing. THC binds to the tubes and changes their electrical properties. This technology could rival using mass spectrometry to detect THC. The new device is said to have a threshold for detecting recent marijuana usage.

Parents can ease their children's transition during divorce

Divorce and its aftermath are difficult for all involved, especially children. Parents in Kansas can help their children navigate the difficult transition that takes place after a divorce, which can include moving homes, changing routines and having to live without both parents together.

To help children adapt to their new normal after divorce, parents must remember that the children come first and that protecting their emotional well-being should be a priority. This means that they should try to keep intact as much of their children's routines as possible, including extracurricular activities or family traditions such as movie night. Keeping communication and actions civil in front of the children is another way to help the children.

Do you need to write a breach of contract letter?

Contracts are valuable tools for any business-related relationship. They can act as a safeguard to ensure that any other people or companies your business works with understand the scope and nature of their participation in a project. Of course, contracts are just pieces of paper, and some contractors may choose to violate the agreed-upon terms.

Of course, those pieces of paper are legally binding in most cases, so if a contractor does breach a contract, you likely have options for addressing the situation and attempting to collect on any damages that may have occurred as a result of the breach.

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