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Social Media Use Can Negatively Impact Divorce

Social media is increasingly pervasive in Kansas and across the country, and participating in it can be problematic for people who are approaching or going through a divorce. For people who are considering ending their marriage, it can be a good idea to take precautions with regard to social media use. Once something has been posted online, it is out there for the world to see, which means it could become fodder for use by adverse parties or their lawyers. Damage control prior to divorce can be performed by removing mean-spirited, negative or lewd comments or posts.

Once the divorce process has begun, the parties should be even more aware of their social media presence. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to minimize or eliminate altogether the use of social media during the proceedings. For people who want to use it, it’s best to avoid sharing details. If the divorce is amicable, the parties might discuss when to make their new status public.

Parents should consider including provisions in their divorce agreement regarding posts about their kids. Pictures and posts that give personal information about the children can be problematic. Once the divorce is finalized, the parties can go back to normal use of social media platforms, though it is generally wise to avoid making negative posts about ex-spouses, especially if professional or social circles are still shared.

Divorce is an emotionally-taxing process and it can be natural to want to vent on social media, but it is almost always unproductive. A lawyer might be able to help clients by reviewing the facts of the case and categorizing the couple’s assets as joint or separate property. A lawyer might be able to help negotiate the terms of property division and other applicable legal issues.

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