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Neil Rutter

Very professional, understanding and diligent. Had a great experience working with Jim. I really appreciated the legal advice and their work in the court on my behalf. Would be hard to find a finer law firm. I hope I never need to use them again, but I feel good knowing I have the relationship in place just in case there is a need.

Tammy Scherer

Best cut throat attorney in the area.

Colby King

Best that money can help you out/the level way

Tiffany Zeiger

What a great family! I really them and very professional!

Chad Whitlow

Used for child support/child custody. Honest and responds in reasonable time.

Paul Crocker

Great legal advise, strategy, and tactics. Highly recommend!

Sister Love

Go see Chad at Colgan Law!!!! The guy is “Uber Smart”, down to earth, a great researcher, and totally the one you want in your corner if you find yourself in a jam. This guy has oodles of experience, and will get you the results you need and want!!!

Tim Brown

This is probably a weird review, but I have read almost all of the reviews. I am thinking about using your service and I love the fact that you take the time to challenge some of these reviews. There’s always two sides to a story and I enjoyed seeing the challenges and making a record from the firm’s standpoint.

Kristin Lindsey

Ann was my daughter’s guardian ad litem. She was no bs and treated my kids as their voice. She listen to them educated them and myself. Was 5 million times for co parenting with good outlines and boundaries. She doesn’t put up with parents mess and was all about the kids which is why she was hired. Her front deck Kristi is amazing answers calls and email quickly and fills in the legal terminology. Thank you

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