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Probate And Estate Planning Services

At Colgan Law Firm LLC, we provide a variety of estate planning and probate solutions for our clients in Kansas City, Kansas, and the surrounding areas. Whether your concern is passing property to loved ones exactly as you wish, or you are concerned about covering the cost of care in a nursing home or an assisted-living facility, we can help.

Our services include the drafting of wills, Medicaid planning, trust creation, and assistance in transferring businesses and other complex assets to heirs and beneficiaries.

One of our partners worked for a large regional banking organization and has more than a decade of professional experience in trust administration, probate administration, will drafting and complex asset allocation.

Elder Law And Medicaid Planning

One of our clients’ biggest concerns is how to cover the cost of care in old age. Paying for care in a nursing home or assisted-living facility can quickly diminish estate assets, and we help our clients avoid that outcome with careful Medicaid planning.

Medicaid and other government benefits can help cover the cost of elder care, but this kind of planning has to be done correctly in order to preserve your assets and your eligibility for benefits. We can assess your specific situation and help you explore your options for preserving Medicaid eligibility while also protecting your assets.

If you are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, we can also explain your options for using VA benefits to cover the cost of care.

Helping You Provide For Your Family

When you have worked a lifetime to amass any amount of wealth, you undoubtedly want to ensure that those assets are protected for future generations after you are gone. As estate planning attorneys, we draft wills for our clients to ensure that their assets are safely transferred to loved ones.

Additionally, we can help you provide for a loved one with a disability by creating a special needs trust. This is an excellent estate planning tool that can be drafted for your loved one’s specific situation.

If other types of trusts would better meet your family’s needs, we can help you explore those options, as well.

Establishing Guardianship Of A Vulnerable Loved One

There may come a time when you, your spouse or another family member is no longer able to make decisions on his or her own because of dementia or another medical condition. If the proper planning is not done prior to this time, it may be necessary to establish conservatorship or guardianship of that loved one.

Generally, in Kansas, guardianship involves the management of all decisions regarding a vulnerable individual, while conservatorship relates to an individual’s financial matters, including government benefits, litigation and other estate issues.

We help Kansas families protect their vulnerable loved ones by taking the necessary legal steps to name someone as conservator or guardian.

Probate Administration

In the wake of a loved one’s passing, the duties of probating the estate can, at very least, place an added burden on the family. In some cases, long-dormant family disputes may arise.

The attorneys of Colgan Law Firm LLC provide effective and cost-efficient probate services to grieving families in Wyandotte, Leavenworth and Johnson counties. We know the courts, and we can ensure that your rights and interests are protected during the administration of your loved one’s estate.

Contact A Probate And Estate Planning Attorney

For a consultation to discuss your probate and estate concerns, contact our office in Kansas City, Kansas, by calling 913-721-9999. We are experienced estate planning and elder law attorneys ready to serve you.

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