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Divorcing Parents Can Craft A Plan For Visitation

For many divorcing parents in Kansas City, deciding questions of child custody and visitation can be very complex. Losing time and space with one’s children can be a painful experience. However, separated parents must consider their different lifestyles, employment obligations and other issues when creating family time agreements.

For example, many divorcing parents share joint child custody. This means that both parents equally split living time with the children as well as the decision-making responsibilities. In other cases, one parent has sole or primary custody. This means that the child lives with them for the vast majority of the time while the noncustodial parent has a visitation schedule. If there is no abuse or neglect, promoting the child’s bond with both parents can be important for their health.

Determining a visitation schedule can sometimes be handled directly by the divorcing parents, often with the involvement of their attorneys. In less amicable divorces where the parents find it difficult to reach an agreement, their lawyers can negotiate the details of the visitation schedule or the judge may issue a visitation schedule as a court order. This schedule will carry detailed information about the dates, days and times in which the noncustodial parent will be with their child.

While parents divorce each other, this does not mean that they are also divorcing their children. A family law attorney can help separated parents sort out complex issues related to child custody and visitation. If necessary, a lawyer can provide vigorous representation for a parent who is seeking sole custody.

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