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Options For Child Custody Schedules

When Kansas parents of young children get a divorce, they should keep in mind that there are many different child custody schedules they can create that suit their own schedules and situations. The traditional arrangement in which the child lives with the custodial parent but spends alternating weekends with the noncustodial parent may work for some parents and their children, but there are many other options available as well.

For example, parents might add in a visit for the child one weeknight a week with the noncustodial parent. This may or may not be extended to an overnight visit. Instead of having the child go to stay with the noncustodial parent from Friday to Sunday evening, the child might stay through Sunday night and the noncustodial parent might take the child to school on Monday. Parents are also not limited to reserving weekends for the noncustodial parent. The child might stay with the noncustodial parent over several days in the middle of the week instead.

These arrangements can encompass a variety of work schedules and obligations for parents such as working swing shifts or going on business trips. Parents might need to communicate more about drop offs, pickups, and other scheduling issues for some of these creative solutions, but they may also better suit their lifestyles.

Parents may also use creative arrangements for joint custody. Some parents agree to have children remain in the same home while they take turns living there. Alternately, parents might move into homes that are close enough together that the children can move easily between them. Children may also have some input into what arrangement would work best for them in some jurisdictions, depending upon their age and maturity level.

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