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Working Together For A Negotiated Divorce

Many people in Kansas think of popular media portrayals of divorce, and it may hold some people back from taking action to move forward from an unhealthy or unhappy relationship. Divorce is often associated with drawn-out court battles or scorched-earth custody disputes, but the end of a marriage does not have to be so traumatic. Of course, a separation always comes with serious emotional, practical and financial consequences. However, it does not need to be accompanied with bitterness or years of legal disputes.

For some couples, a more collaborative divorce process is a better fit. Both spouses and their lawyers work together to reach a resolution on key issues through a negotiated settlement. There are some key points that people can keep in mind to help them reach an agreement and complete their divorce successfully.

In the first place, it can help to recall the sorts of conflicts that both spouses have dealt with in the past. Problems that come up during arguments in the marriage can also affect divorce negotiations. When people can flag these issues as emotionally intense and potentially troublesome, it can help to avoid serious conflict. The attorneys may take the lead on negotiating these issues and bringing proposals back to their clients. In other cases, consciously being aware of the effect of some issues can help to minimize the emotional fallout.

Developing a new, cooperative relationship even after romantic love is over is particularly important if co-parenting is involved. Both parents will need to come together to put the children first despite the difficulties of their own relationship.

A divorcing spouse may be troubled by the potential for long-term conflict. By working with a family law attorney, people might actually minimize interpersonal conflict while negotiating a fair settlement on legal issues like child custody, property division and spousal support.

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