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When Divorce Is The Right Choice

For couples in Kansas, choosing to divorce can be an extremely difficult decision. However, there are certain situations in which getting a divorce may be the only choice for individuals who want to make sure that they and their children are able to live a fruitful life.

Situations in which a spouse has an uncontrollable addiction might be untenable. It can be difficult for one person to see the effects that an addiction to alcohol or drugs can have on the other party. If the affected spouse has been asked multiple times to get treatment and has refused to do so, the only option the other spouse may have is to leave, regardless of how much sentiment they have for their husband or wife.

Abuse has many forms and can have a life-long negative impact on a victim. Being abused verbally and emotionally by a spouse is just as damaging as getting physically abused. The abuse often escalates and can be directed at the children. Individuals who are abused by a spouse in any manner should remove themselves and their children from that situation.

Another indication that one should choose divorce is when a spouse comes the realization that their marriage is setting an unhealthy example for the children. Many people may remain in a marriage because they want their children to grow up in a two-parent home. However, they have to consider whether the children will be happier growing up in a home without constantly arguing parents.

An attorney who practices family law may work to ensure that a client’s rights and interests are protected during a divorce. The lawyer could engage in litigation or negotiation to obtain favorable settlement terms regarding alimony or child support.

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