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What To Do When Getting Ready To Divorce

When some people in Kansas return to their regular lives following the holiday season or summer vacation, they might have made a decision to divorce. Attorneys report getting a high volume of calls at both of these times of year. Even a person who has not yet made a decision about divorce can start to learn more about the process and prepare in case it does come to pass.

Education is one way to prepare. Every state’s laws are different, so people should read reliable websites such as those for the state bar association and the state court system. People can also think about what questions to ask attorneys during consultation. They can also begin organizing their financial records. This may include bank statements, credit card statements and tax returns.

For some people, this may be a good time to take a break from social media. Cutting back on its use may be a good idea for those unwilling to stop using it entirely. They should also limit their posts to things that are light and not personal since information shared there could be used against them in the divorce. Another consideration is self-care such as seeing a therapist, calling on supportive friends and family or exercising.

Being properly prepared can help people during the divorce process. For example, if they have time to review and discuss their financial situation with an attorney , they may also have a better idea of what to ask for in the property division stage. It is not uncommon for a person’s standard of living to fall after the divorce, so people should think about how they will protect themselves financially.

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