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Watch Out For Signs Of Parental Alienation

When people in Kansas consider divorcing, one of the most troubling aspects of the end of a marriage can be preserving the parental relationship with children and protecting the kids from the emotional maelstrom of divorce. From the basic issues that arise like child custody, parenting plans and child support to more difficult problems in combative divorces, ending a marriage with children can be difficult for every member of the family. While feeling anger, resentment or upset is entirely normal in the course of a divorce, it is also possible for parents to put the interests of their children first in co-parenting.

One extremely damaging manifestation that can occur during and after divorce is parental alienation. This term refers to the attempt by one parent to harm the relationship between the child, or children, and the other parent. Parental alienation goes beyond some potentially ill-advised griping and indicates a serious attempt to break the parent-child bond. This can be very emotionally disturbing to children.

Particularly when a breakup is bitter, it can be important to stay vigilant about potential signs of parental alienation. One of these signs can be the exclusion of a parent from official involvement in their child’s life, including refusing to include them in parent-teacher conferences or medical affairs. While children’s anger at their parents can be normal during a divorce, a child’s anger that seems to speak in the voice of the ex-partner can also be a sign of a dangerous trend toward alienation.

While parental alienation may be on the extreme end of potential impacts of divorce on a couple with children, a family law attorney may be able to help people going through even the most amicable split to handle co-parenting agreements moving forward. A family law lawyer may represent the interests of a parent and protect their relationship with their children in matters of support, custody and other concerns.

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