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The Length Of A Divorce

Divorce can be a harrowing process. Both parties tend to want to get it over with quickly, yet this may not always be possible: In Kansas, the best-case scenario is for a divorce to last for a couple of months while it could drag on for a couple of years. The faster a former couple can come to an agreement and file the paperwork, the faster they will be able to wrap up the entire process and put it behind them.

It is worth pointing out that not only will the degree of agreement between the former spouses dictate the amount of time required to finalize matters, but it will also prescribe the best way for both parties to move forward with the divorce. In the event that the parties agree on most things, they can just fill the forms themselves and file the paperwork on their own, which is known as a do-it-yourself divorce. Another solution for couples who see eye-to-eye on most things is to resort to mediation where an experienced professional acts as a neutral third party and helps both parties communicate effectively with one another.

Should the couple have multiple differences, they can reach out to an arbitrator, decide to let their lawyers handle matters or go to court. In all three cases, a third party listens to both their cases and makes binding decisions for them. However, these options can take more time than a DIY divorce would; setting a court date and waiting for a hearing can take more than a year, stretching the entire process.

An individual contemplating getting a divorce may wish to contact a seasoned lawyer to advise them on their best course of action for property division and other issues given their unique set of circumstances. No one wants to draw out a painful process longer than is absolutely necessary.

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