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Negotiating House Rules For Parents After Divorce

When parents in Kansas divorce, their existing irreconcilable differences and mutual problems can be reflected in the child custody arrangements. Many parents find it hard to agree on house rules and a unified approach to parenting. However, children often find divorce to be upsetting and confusing, and stability and support can help them feel more secure at a challenging emotional time. This could mean that even former spouses with significantly different views on child-rearing need to work to reach an agreement in order to benefit their children.

When parents share child custody or even parenting time or visitation, the kids may find that each of their parent’s homes has widely disparate rules. Parents may take different approaches to screen time, food choices and other issues, leading to conflicts between the parents as well as insecurity among the children. This is especially true when parents stick to their positions in a battle with their exes rather than prioritizing the children’s own needs. Some of these issues can be handled as part of the divorce negotiations in order to set in place a positive environment for future compromises when dealing with the children.

Even when divorced parents do not like one another, it is important for them to communicate about key parenting issues. For small children, issues like a consistent bedtime can be significant and provide a sense of security. Older children may need to have their own concerns heard about how rules affect them.

Direct discussion, counseling and mediation can be some options for divorced parents to resolve disputes over child-rearing approaches. During the divorce itself, a family law attorney may help divorcing parents negotiate and develop a parenting plan that reflects both parents’ values and honors the bond between the parents and their children. This might provide a strong basis to resolve future issues that arise.

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