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Getting Professional Help During Divorce

When people in Kansas get a divorce, they may need the assistance of family, friends and professionals during this difficult time. Family, friends and a therapist can all provide emotional support. Other helpful professionals may include a financial adviser and an attorney.

A person might need a financial adviser at several stages during and after the divorce. Some financial advisers have a background in matrimonial finance, and this could be useful. People may need to organize their current financial records and financial history going into a divorce. When they negotiate property division, a financial adviser might be able to help evaluate various options. Finally, a financial adviser may be helpful after the divorce as a person budgets and plots a course on a single income.

Family and friends might be able to offer recommendations for an attorney, but a person might also want to meet several attorneys before choosing one. Criteria a person might use include some experience in similar cases and feeling personally comfortable with the attorney. Since the attorney-client relationship in a divorce might last for months or even years, this kind of rapport can be important.

The attorney may be able to assist the person in negotiations about property division and child custody or even conduct the negotiations with the other spouse’s attorney if the person does not wish to be present. Many people prefer to reach a divorce agreement in this way if possible because it can be less time-consuming and costly. It also gives the couple greater control over the outcome. However, if talks break down or one spouse refuses to cooperate, litigation might be the next step. Before going into negotiations or litigation, a person might want to talk to the attorney about goals for property division and custody as well as possible points of compromise.

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