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Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements in Military Divorces

Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements in Military Divorces

For couples in military service, divorce can present a particularly labyrinthine set of challenges, especially when it comes to the well-being and custody of their children. With long deployments and frequent relocations, the concept of continuity and stability in family life can seem elusive. Here, we’ll uncover the intricate web of child custody and visitation arrangements in military divorces.

Understanding Military Divorce

Military divorces differ from civilian divorces in several key ways. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act play instrumental roles, offering unique rights and benefits to service members and their spouses.

The transient nature of military life adds complexity to establishing jurisdiction and determining different state laws regarding child custody. Understanding these aspects is the first step in ensuring a fair and favorable arrangement for all parties, including the children.

Child Custody Laws in Ft. Leavenworth

Ft. Leavenworth, nestled in the heart of Kansas, is governed by Kansas’ family law when it comes to child custody arrangements. The courts here, as in most states, operate with the child’s best interests in mind, and Kansas law outlines factors to consider when determining custody, such as the preferences of the child and parents, the child’s adjustment to their home, school, and community, each parent’s willingness to provide a stable and loving environment, mental and physical health of the parties involved, and more.

For military families, these laws must be applied with careful consideration of the unique demands of service. Parents often worry about the impact of service requirements on their custody rights, and it’s paramount to know how to advocate for those rights.

Navigating Visitation Schedules

Creating a visitation schedule can be a daunting task for families where one or both parents are in the military. Deployments, frequent relocations, and the rigorous demands of service make traditional visitation plans impractical. It’s essential to craft a schedule that is flexible and acknowledges the unpredictable nature of military life while remaining steadfast in promoting the child’s relationship with both parents.

Mediation often proves a valuable tool in these circumstances, allowing parties to work collaboratively to create a schedule best suited to their unique needs. The assistance of a skilled mediator and, where necessary, a seasoned military divorce attorney is often the wisest path forward.

The Role of a Ft. Leavenworth Divorce Lawyer

A proficient Ft. Leavenworth divorce lawyer, particularly one versed in military divorce and family law, is a priceless ally in the battlefield of custody arrangements. Such a legal expert can provide comprehensive support in understanding rights, crafting airtight agreements, and, if necessary, fiercely advocating for a fair resolution in the court.

Colgan Law is a beacon of hope for military families navigating divorce, providing invaluable insight and support through their intricate legal system. Their wealth of experience in military family law cases ensures that every client is armed with the knowledge and representation needed to secure a stable and nurturing environment for their children.


Military divorces pose unique challenges for families, particularly when it comes to child custody and visitation arrangements. In the spirit of honoring service members who fight for our collective freedom, it’s only fitting that our legal system extends the same dedication to preserving family unity. Ft Leavenworth families can find the guidance and advocacy they need through the professionals at Colgan Law, qualified to handle the most intricate cases with precision and care. Contact Colgan Law today by calling (913) 721-9999, and take the first step toward securing a harmonious future for your family.

In the complex landscape of military divorces, knowledge and legal support are the linchpins of a successful outcome. By engaging with the services of an exceptional Ft. Leavenworth divorce lawyer, you’re not just engaging in a legal process — you’re creating a path toward peace and stability for the most important members of a military family, the children. We invite you to open the door to a brighter future today.

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