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Working Moms May Benefit From Shared Parenting

Kansas divorce courts have historically awarded primary physical custody to women in a majority of cases. There is a push toward shared parenting, however, and this type of custody arrangement may be more beneficial for both parents and children.

Many more women are entering the workforce. Child care concerns may keep some women from being able to work enough to support themselves and their children, effectively hindering their ability to advance in their careers when they have primary custody of their children. Shared parenting is becoming increasingly popular and may benefit working women by allowing them to focus more on their work while having fewer child care issues.

Shared parenting involves custody arrangements in which both parents have nearly equal time with their children. This may offer benefits to all of the parties. The children may be able to develop better relationships with both of their parents, helping them to be happier and more well-adjusted. Fathers, who traditionally have been granted less time with their children, may enjoy having rich, rewarding relationships with their children. Both parents may be able to advance in their careers, helping them to support themselves and their children.

Parents who are currently engaged in child custody disputes might benefit by seeking the help of experienced family attorneys who can help their clients to separate out the emotional conflicts that these types of cases often involve. This may help the parents to see the situations through the lens of what is in their children’s best interests instead of their own. Attorneys may work to negotiate parenting agreements for their clients that may work the best for both the parents and the children.

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