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Suit Against Weinstein Alleges Breach Of Contract

Some Kansas residents may be aware that the film producer Harvey Weinstein is facing charges for rape and sexual misconduct among others after over 80 women reported that he sexually harassed or assaulted them. Now he is also the target of a breach of contract lawsuit from a former employee.

The employee, Frank Gil, is the former head of human resources for The Weinstein Company. The lawsuit says that Gil was asked by Weinstein to find out who leaked information to the New York Times after an article was published in 2017 about the numerous allegations against him. Weinstein told Gil he would pay him $450,000 for providing this information. Gil discovered that Bob Weinstein and David Glasser, respectively the chairman and president of the company, were responsible for the leak. Gil says he was fired in retaliation.

Weinstein has failed to pay the amount Gil says he was promised. Gil has filed a lawsuit against Bob and Harvey Weinstein, Weinstein Live Entertainment and Glasser for retaliation and breach of contract. According to court documents, he has asked for a jury trial and damages and for his legal fees to be covered.

Contract disputes may arise in many different business contexts. A company might have a dispute with a construction company that failed to complete contracted work, with an employee who violated the terms of an agreement, with the buyer or seller of a business or property or in a number of other situations. Individuals as well as companies may want to consult an attorney to discuss the specifics of the dispute, whether the circumstances constitute a breach of contract and how to proceed. An attorney may initially attempt to negotiate a settlement with the other party. However, if this is unsuccessful, the next step may be to pursue litigation.

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