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Researchers Look At Link Between Workplace And Divorce

People in Kansas who work in the hotel and restaurant industries might be more prone to divorce than those in other lines of work while librarians and farmers may have a much lower risk of their marriage ending. These were among the findings of a study conducted by researchers at Stockholm University.

Researchers were primarily looking at whether there was a connection for people in opposite-sex marriages between divorce and working in environments that were dominated by the opposite sex. They found that women who worked in male-dominated professions were less likely to divorce than men who worked in female-dominated professions, but in both cases, people in workplaces dominated by the opposite sex had higher rates of divorce than those in other types of workplaces.

Researchers controlled for other factors such as education, marriage duration and number of children when they used Danish population data for people who married between 1981 and 2002. However, they cautioned that more research still should be done to identify whether other factors besides the availability of new partners is significant. One additional finding was that while better-educated men in female-dominated professions had a higher divorce risk than less-educated men, the opposite was the case for women.

The professions of both people may also be a factor in property division during the divorce. If one person makes significantly more money than the other, the higher-earning spouse may be required to pay alimony. Only one person may have a retirement account, but that person might be required to split the account with the other spouse. In some cases, if spouses are negotiating the division of assets, they may consider factors such as whether it will take one spouse longer to rebuild retirement assets than the other and proceed accordingly.

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