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Reasons To Remain Married Or Get A Divorce

When married Kentucky couples who have children are contemplating divorce, the biggest concern that they may have is how the children will handle it. Couples on the edge of a divorce have several factors to consider, especially if they are concerned that getting a divorce may not be the right choice where the children are concerned.

There are several reasons parents may want to stay in the marriage. For example, the couple may still be trying to repair the marriage. This takes time and a lot of work. However, there are couples who are able to strengthen their marriage and ultimately stay together. Another reason is that some couples are simply better off together than when they are apart. Some parents understand the potential effects of a divorce on the children and may wish to wait until the children are no longer living at home.

While there are certainly reasons to stay in a marriage, there are also reasons to end the marriage. Domestic abuse is a major reason, especially if the abuse is targeted toward the children. If two spouses simply cannot work together, a divorce may also result in a less tense home life for the children. If both parents are happier apart, they may want to get a divorce.

If a couple decides to go through with a divorce, determining what happens to the children is one of the major argument points. In many cases, one parent will get primary custody while the other may have the children for certain days. A parent seeking primary custody may also be eligible to receive child support from the noncustodial parent. A family law attorney may be able to help work out a parenting plan with the other party that allows the children to maintain healthy relationships with both parents.

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