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Kansas Teen Accused Of DUI After Driving Recklessly

Following a hit-and-run collision on Jan. 12, a Kansas teen was accused by police of driving under the influence. The teen’s pickup truck was heading north on a street in Cowley County when it struck a parked pickup truck on the same stretch of roadway. After the accident, the 17-year-old driver was taken into custody.

The alleged drunk driving episode took place early in the morning in Arkansas City. Police became involved when they were alerted about other types of property damage that had occurred in the same area. When police arrived, they noticed damage that appeared to be caused by a vehicle having collided with a trash can, a picnic table and a grill at a local park. There was a light fixture attached to a pole that had been damaged. The vehicle subsequently left the scene of the damage, according to reports of the incident.

Law enforcement officials are also investigating the possibility that the same teen driver may have been involved in another incident at the same local park. The prior incident involved reports of a vehicle driving through the park and damaging city-owned equipment. At the time of his arrest, the teen was allegedly transporting an open container of alcohol and in possession of tobacco. According to the press release about the incident, the teen also had no license or proof of insurance.

Because of the seriousness of potential DUI penalties, it’s advised that charged individuals seek legal assistance. Independent penalties may be lessened for teens still in high school. Even so, penalties can still be severe, especially if there is evidence suggesting involvement in a prior incident. However, a lawyer may be able to get charges reduced or dismissed by seeking a deal with the prosecuting attorney or questioning the way police handled the incident or processed and collected evidence.

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