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Getting Divorced From A Deported Immigrant?

Divorce is seldom without challenge, as you likely understand if you’re currently navigating the process. Hopefully, you have a strong support network of friends and family in Kansas who are providing assistance and encouragement as you do what you need to do to rectify your problems and move forward toward a new lifestyle. There are some types of situations, however, that make divorce even more complicated; if the U.S. government happens to have recently deported your soon-to-be former spouse, you may encounter some very problematic issues.

A key to keeping stress levels low and obtaining as swift and agreeable an outcome as possible in your situation lies in understanding your rights and knowing where to turn for help regarding possible legal obstacles that may surface as you attempt to finalize your divorce.

Former spouse’s country of origin matters

For everything to go smoothly in your divorce process, the other country in question must honor rulings a judge in the United States hands down in your divorce. The following list includes information that might be helpful in your situation:

  • What is the current relationship status between the country where your former spouse now lives and the United States? Generally, countries that have treaties or peaceful relationships with the U.S. government tend to honor judgments made in the U.S. civil justice system.
  • If an ex spouse’s country refuses to enforce a divorce order, it can really complicate things.
  • Such circumstances may necessitate filing for divorce in the other country.
  • You also need to serve your former spouse with divorce papers. Of course, you can only accomplish this task if you know where he or she is at the time. If you’re currently unable to locate your ex, you may need to seek alternative methods of legally announcing your intent to divorce, such as publishing notice in a newspaper.

Once again, it’s crucial to make sure that any action you take is appropriate under U.S. law and that of the other country. Many times, there are several options available for solving a particular problem. The trick is to find the most viable way to suit your particular needs and goals. This is often easier if you speak with someone who is well versed in family law, especially if there are extenuating circumstances in your situation.

Many Kansas residents turn to experienced attorneys for guidance and help to explore resources that may be available to help overcome a specific problem.

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