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Do You Hope To Obtain Alimony As Part Of Your Divorce?

Getting a divorce significantly changes your life. Though you likely expected a certain amount of upheaval, you may now realize that you have a substantial number of questions to find answers to as your divorce case moves forward. In particular, you may wonder how you will address the financial changes you will likely face.

If you did not earn an income while married or earned less than your spouse, you may worry that you will not have the ability to maintain your current lifestyle after your marriage comes to an end. This concern affects many Kansas residents in this type of situation, and for a considerable number of those parties, alimony is the answer.

Obtaining spousal support

As the non-wage or lower-wage-earning spouse, the court may consider you entitled to spousal support. If so, your soon-to-be ex may have a financial obligation to provide you with a monthly payment set at an amount determined by the court. When working to conclude whether alimony applies to your case and how much support your case may warrant, the judge may take the following factors into account:

  • How long your marriage lasted
  • The lifestyle you kept during your marriage
  • Your age and health and your ex’s age and health
  • Your need for support
  • Your ex’s ability to pay support

If you have minor children, the court will likely also take your parental obligations to them into account when determining spousal support.

Changes in the future

Even if the court issues an order regarding alimony, it is possible for the terms of that order to later change. Typically, a modification to a court order requires that one of the parties involved petition the court for a change. If you or your ex experience a significant change in circumstances, either of you could petition the court for a modification if you believe it necessary.

Of course, this could open an avenue for disputes. If you would like to avoid possible disputes later, you may want to determine whether a non-modifiable agreement is an option.

Important outcomes

Because the terms of an alimony agreement are important to your current and future finances, you will certainly want to work toward the outcomes that will most benefit you. As a result, you may find it useful to have professional legal help throughout your case to guide you during these proceedings.

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