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Choosing The Right Child Custody Plan For Your Family

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As a marriage ends, each member of a Kansas family will go through significant changes. While you know that a time of transition is inevitable, you also want to do everything possible to reduce the potential negative impact of a divorce on your child. One way you intend to do that is by seeking the most beneficial child custody and visitation arrangement for your specific family and the unique needs of your kids.

Child custody not only refers to the amount of time you will spend with your kids, but also to the right you will have to help make important decisions in your child’s life. It is for the benefit of your kids and in the interests of your parental rights to know about the custody options available and make the most practical decision for your family. Informed custody decisions are more likely to be sustainable and beneficial for each of the parents and the children.

Custody options available to your family

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to child custody. The right custody terms for your family depends on the details of your individual situation, including the needs of your kids, your work schedule, the kids’ school schedule and many other details. However, the two main types of custody addressed in most custody orders include the following:

  • Legal custody – This refers to the right you have to make important decisions on behalf of your child. You may want to play a role in important decisions pertaining to education, health care, religion and more.
  • Physical custody – This refers to the amount of time you will spend with your child. This includes weekend visitation, family vacations, school holidays and more.

Many families opt for a joint custody arrangement for the sake of providing their children with equitable access to each parent and a reasonable continuity of lifestyle. In many cases, this means the two parents will share both legal and physical custody.

The best future for your children

The decisions you make for your children will impact them long after your divorce is final. This is why it is beneficial for you to seek the best possible custody terms that protect the ideal interests of the children above all else. Child custody is a difficult issue to address, and it can be helpful to seek guidance so that you are making practical choices not influenced by temporary emotions.

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