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Looking for ways to stop an eviction?

It's not always easy to meet rent payments on time. If you've struggled to do so, you're certainly not the first person, nor will you likely be the last to face economic challenges that cause a predicament to your rental payment schedule. If your landlord has said or done something to make you worry about eviction, it may help you gain peace of mind if you seek clarification of your tenant rights and know where to seek support if your fears become reality.  

Your actions could have significant impact on child custody

As a parent, you want to do right by your children. When you first got married, you may have thought that you and your spouse would be the perfect team for raising children. However, as the years went on, you may have come to realize that the two of you do not make a strong team when it comes to many areas of marriage. Now that you are heading for divorce, you may wonder what will happen when it comes time to make child custody decisions.

I want to see my grandkids; what rights do I have?

It happens all too often. People have kids, and those kids grow up to have children of their own and turn to their parents for help. Then, for personal reasons, they stop letting their parents see their grandkids. This not usually an expectation, but it happens. Now, parents do have the right to say who their children can see and when, but in the state of Kansas, grandparents have rights, too.

Officer mistakes could play significant role in your DUI defense

You may take pride in yourself for doing your best to make the best decisions possible for certain situations. Of course, everyone makes mistakes at some point, and you may have found yourself in a serious predicament due to a choice you made. If that scenario involved consuming alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, you may face criminal charges.

Effectively navigating contract disputes

Contracts are a tool used by businesses to outline the terms of a professional relationship. From explaining employee-employer expectations to securing transactions with vendors, the intent of a business contract is to protect the interests of both parties. When one side violates the terms of a contract, it could be grounds for legal action.

Getting divorced from a deported immigrant?

Divorce is seldom without challenge, as you likely understand if you're currently navigating the process. Hopefully, you have a strong support network of friends and family in Kansas who are providing assistance and encouragement as you do what you need to do to rectify your problems and move forward toward a new lifestyle. There are some types of situations, however, that make divorce even more complicated; if the U.S. government happens to have recently deported your soon-to-be former spouse, you may encounter some very problematic issues.

A DUI is not just handled in criminal court

You were driving yourself home after a night out on the town with your friends. Just short of home, an officer pulled you over for suspected DUI. You ended up getting arrested and have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Yes, you'll have to go to court in order to resolve the issue. Did you know you need to go to an administrative hearing as well? This is standard procedure in Kansas and elsewhere.

Tenant disputes could arise even with a lease agreement in place

Most Kansas residents enter into various agreements throughout their lives. Sometimes, the agreements are casual enough that you may not even consider the fact that you made an agreement. On the other hand, some arrangements may need a more formal approach, and if you are considering becoming a landlord, having a lease agreement could work in your best interests.

When business agreements are broken

The days of a handshake and the bond of one's word are long gone in most business arenas. Even in your small business, you probably found out quickly that an agreement made without a contract is often an agreement that doesn't exist. It's not that people are dishonest; it's more that people don't always understand the terms they agree to. Sometimes the circumstances change, and without a written agreement, it may be difficult to alter the terms fairly.

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