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The Importance Of Property Division For Retirees

When it comes to divorce in Kansas, ex-wives may be worse off financially and have difficulty retiring. However, single women who are divorced are better off financially than single women who have never been married, according to a recent study.

Researchers at Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research surveyed women and found that single women who were previously married were financially more secure than single females who had never married. One of the primary differences between the two groups was homeownership. Women who had previously been married were much more likely to own their own homes.

However, some experts worry that women may think that they should fight for their marital homes when it might not be in their best interests. It is important for women to recognize that the key difference is really that women who have been married will take assets in their divorces while those who have not been married will only be able to rely on the assets that they have accumulated on their own.

Women who are going through divorces might want to seek help from experienced divorce lawyers. An attorney may help their client understand how different types of assets in the property division process might impact their future ability to retire. Legal counsel could also help determine if it’s better to keep the marital home or downsize and take different assets instead. With the lawyer’s help, the client may be able to negotiate with their estranged spouse and secure full property settlements that might best protect their financial future once the divorce is finalized.

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