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Staying on path for retirement after a divorce

According to statistics, the rate of divorce among those 50 and older has increased dramatically since 1990. This can have a variety of impacts on a Kansas resident's life. For instance, a divorce later in life could make it harder to retire or have a financially stable retirement. That is a result of the fact that income and assets drop while expenses are not as affected as much after a marriage ends.

Working together for a negotiated divorce

Many people in Kansas think of popular media portrayals of divorce, and it may hold some people back from taking action to move forward from an unhealthy or unhappy relationship. Divorce is often associated with drawn-out court battles or scorched-earth custody disputes, but the end of a marriage does not have to be so traumatic. Of course, a separation always comes with serious emotional, practical and financial consequences. However, it does not need to be accompanied with bitterness or years of legal disputes.

Paying for college after a divorce

Paying for college can be tough whether a student goes to a school in Kansas or outside of the state. It can be even harder to do after a divorce. In 2017-2018, the average cost for a year at a private school was $46,950. The cost to attend a public school for one year was $20,770 in 2017-2018, according to the College Board. However, it can be possible to provide a child with an education by planning for it in advance.

Real estate and property division during divorce

The marital home can be one of the most highly valued assets by Kansas couples making the decision to divorce. Unlike purely financial assets, real estate cannot simply be divided in two. In addition, many spouses feel a deep personal connection to the house. However, the financial priorities lead many couples to deal with the family home by selling it as part of the divorce.

What parents can do to help their children after divorce

Parents in Kansas who are going through a divorce might wonder how they can make it less difficult for their children. If parents can keep children in the same school and avoid disrupting their routine as much as possible, it may help children adjust. They should try to make sure their children can keep relationships with family on both sides and avoid conflict in front of the children. Parents should also try to keep household rules and expectations consistent as they talk honestly with their children about the divorce.

How to avoid financial mistakes during divorce

Kansas spouses who are getting divorced should avoid some common financial mistakes. For example, in the emotional turmoil of divorce, a recently separated ex might be tempted to go on a shopping spree to feel better. However, the bills will eventually come in, and this can cause financial problems.

Researchers look at link between workplace and divorce

People in Kansas who work in the hotel and restaurant industries might be more prone to divorce than those in other lines of work while librarians and farmers may have a much lower risk of their marriage ending. These were among the findings of a study conducted by researchers at Stockholm University.

How divorce affects older adults' lives

Divorce is on the rise for older adults. Older people in Kansas who get a divorce should be careful about potentially adverse health effects of divorce. The chronic stress and depression associated with divorce can exacerbate health problems such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, and it can weaken the immune system overall.

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