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Stepparent adoption when the biological parent does not consent

Some people in Kansas might have questions about stepparent adoption. They may have married someone who has children and might wish to adopt them. Ideally, the other birth parent will consent to the adoption, but there are steps parents can take if this is not the case.

The informed consent rights of stepparents

Stepparents in Kansas and other states may be allowed to give consent as it relates to their stepchild's medical care. However, this is generally only true if the stepparent is the child's legal guardian or has legally adopted the child. It could also be true if the child's legal parent has consented to the stepparent providing consent related to a child's medical care. An exception could be made in the event that the child is in significant pain.

The process of adopting a stepchild

Kansas residents generally have the ability to become the legal parent of their spouse's children. If the adoption becomes official, a stepparent is now legally and financially responsible for the child he or she adopted. The current noncustodial parent is no longer responsible for paying child support or otherwise obligated to provide for a son or daughter.

A stepparent's rights to involvement with their stepchildren

When a Kansas stepparent is involved in the daily life and raising of their stepchildren, they may want to take certain steps to make the relationship work. Around 40 percent of married couples with kids are blended families. The stepparent's involvement in their stepchildren's lives can be positive, negative or even complex at times. That's why it's important to understand their legal rights.

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