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When a former spouse defies the divorce agreement

Part of the process for finalizing a divorce between a Kansas couple is to draft and sign off on a divorce settlement agreement. While many former spouses understand that this agreement is legally binding, there are some who decide to defy the agreement. Depending on what was agreed upon, this could mean that the person refuses to pay child support, follow the visitation schedule or even hand over certain assets.

How to make divorce easier

When Kansas residents get married, they generally aren't thinking about getting a divorce. However, if a marriage does come to an end, there are ways to make a divorce easier. For example, it is critical that an individual considers the settlement process to be a business transaction as opposed to an emotional ordeal. By using facts and logic, individuals can work toward a fair and timely settlement.

Protecting College Dreams in Wake of Divorce

Couples are rarely prepared with a financial plan when it comes to a divorce. This often puts the children's college goals in jeopardy, since tuition plans are rarely discussed among married couples. All couples in Kansas City, Kansas should have a financial plan in place whether divorcing or not.

How divorces can impact children

Divorced parents in Missouri should learn how to communicate with each other for the sake of their children. Poor communication could manifest itself in a situation involving a father who struggles to schedule play dates for his daughter while the mother does so easily. Talking about the problem could help the struggling parent understand whether the parents of the other children feel awkward or uncomfortable around that person.

Getting financial matters organized before divorce

For some people in Kansas who are considering divorce, a first step may be to get copies of all financial documents and put them somewhere safe. These can help a person who has not participated much in financial decisions to start learning about the family finances, and getting copies saves a person having to do so later when the divorce might have turned acrimonious and they might be much more difficult to get from the other spouse.

How to help the child of a divorce make a healthy adjustment

Kansas parents who are going through a divorce may want to take certain steps to make sure the separation doesn't have long-lasting negative effects on the children. In fact, parents should leave children out of their conflicts entirely. Efforts to turn children against the other parent can harm the child and potentially backfire.

Divorce finances improve with planning

Kansas couples should know that the best time to plan for the end of a marriage is well before the start of trouble. Waiting until a divorce action is filed to think about money can leave spouses in financial jeopardy that reduces their negotiating power and hampers their ability to successfully transition to post-divorce life.

Child support enforcement system sees improvements

During a divorce in Kansas, child support and other financial issues can be some of the most contentious and difficult to resolve. Nevertheless, after the divorce is final, and a child support order is issued, it is mandatory that parents pay the support required. When a someone fails to pay court-ordered child support, the consequences for his or her children's well-being can be serious. Due to the importance of mandatory child support, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is working to improve the mechanisms used to enforce and implement child support orders.

Splitting 401(k) plans correctly

One of the many issues that Kansas couples may face during divorce involves dividing retirement assets. During this process, they should be very careful as different retirement accounts have their own sets of regulations. Dividing the funds in the wrong way may result in very high penalties and taxes as well as unintended allocations to an ex-spouse.

Financial issues can linger after divorce

For many Kansas divorcees, financial obstacles can be some of the most stressful challenges at the end of a marriage. Beyond the emotional and practical issues that accompany a marital split, the ongoing effects of financial decisions made during divorce can have long-term consequences. Even after a settlement has been reached, there are a number of financial tasks and concerns that must be addressed in order to successfully move forward.

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