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Developing A Parenting Plan Suited To Your Unique Needs

As a Kansas parent, you are concerned about the impact that your divorce will have on your children. The end of a marriage will certainly affect the youngest members of the family, but it is possible to smooth this transition and develop a parenting plan that benefits both the parents and the children.

Traditionally, the mother had primary custody with the father retaining visitation rights every other weekend. This type of arrangement is not always the best for the kids, as children benefit when they have regular access to both parents. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid an unbalanced child custody agreement and seek a parenting plan that is suited to your unique needs and those of your kids.

Factors that should be considered in a custody and visitation plan

You have the right to retain a strong relationship with your kids, and the end of your marriage does not change those rights. However, there may be factors and issues that could impact your ability to share custody and effectively parent your children. Some important factors to consider include:

  • Your unique or non-traditional work schedule
  • Medical needs of your kids
  • Education preferences and religious upbringing
  • The possibility of allowing the kids to remain in the family home
  • Transportation needs
  • Other concerns that may be unique to your family

When your parenting plan takes into account the factors that may impact your schedule, your rights as a parent and your relationship with your kids, it can help you avoid future legal battles. You may seek to develop a plan by working closely with your attorney, hopefully providing your children with continuity of lifestyle and stability for the future.

Advocating for your interests in and out of court

Some parents are able to work together on a custody plan tailored to the needs of their kids. If this is not possible for you, your lawyer will represent your rights and objectives in court as you seek a reasonable outcome to your custody dispute. The court’s goal is to protect the best interests of your children, but your lawyer can present a strong case on your behalf.

It is important to have a legal ally to advocate for your rights as a parent, whether it is in negotiations with the other parent or in the courtroom. Take quick action to protect your parental rights and keep a strong relationship with your children.

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