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Remedies available in international child custody disputes

International marriages are becoming more common in Kansas and around the country, which means that there is also a growing number of child custody disputes involving parents who live in different countries. American parents may feel helpless if their children are taken out of the United States, but state laws and international treaties do provide them with some remedies. The most important of these is the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, which is more commonly referred to as the Hague Convention.

Learn how to co-parent with a toxic ex

Kansas parents who have a toxic ex-spouse deal with many challenges when it comes to co-parenting. In order to navigate an ex-spouse's efforts to throw them off course, maintaining personal integrity and looking out for the children's best interests should be two non-negotiables at their core.

What to do if a custody hearing date is inconvenient

Divorce can be tough for Kansas parents for many reasons. The logistics of scheduling can be one of those reasons. In addition to the emotional and financial toll that the end of a marriage takes, it also consumes a lot of time, and fitting that in around work and efforts to spend quality time with children can be challenging. One hurdle parents may face is a child support or custody hearing scheduled at an inconvenient time or place.

Child custody and smoothing the process for kids

When there is a divorce in Kansas, parents face the challenge of helping their children adapt. Often, this is a difficult adjustment for children and it is beneficial for the parents to be prepared to assist them. As the case moves forward, it is wise to be fully prepared to navigate the children through this complicated situation.

Tips for divorced parents to help children adjust

Divorce can be hard on some children in Kansas, but their parents can take steps to make the adjustment easier. Parents should not make their children feel that they must choose between them. Children should be able to spend time with either parent and express love for parents and stepparents without guilt.

The good things that happen when parents work together

Parents in Kansas and throughout the country may be anxious about raising their children after a divorce. However, as long as they place the child's needs above their own, it can be a positive experience. Eventually, children are able to accept that their parents love them even if they don't necessarily love each other anymore. Over time, the relationship between the parents may improve as well.

Securing father's rights in divorce

When parents in Kansas divorce, child custody is often a significant concern. Parents generally place a high priority on their relationships with their children, and they may be very concerned about losing these relationships after a divorce. Fathers, in particular, may have fears of being cut off from their kids.

Child custody matters can get messy

During a divorce, child custody decisions can often be difficult to make. However, if parents in Kansas decide among themselves that they will share joint custody of their children, the process could be much easier for everyone. The key to a joint custody relationship is real cooperation between the parents.

Child custody hearings result when parents cannot agree

When parents in Kansas end their relationships, they must determine the details of child custody. This process does not necessarily require court intervention, but disputes could result in the parents presenting their positions in court and awaiting a custody decision made by a judge. A child custody hearing usually happens when parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, or one person wants to restrict the other individual's access to a child or children.

Weighing pros and cons of parallel parenting and co-parenting

Divorced parents in Kansas City have many options in regard to raising their children. However, there are two major parenting structures that are recommended to divorced mothers and fathers. These structures are known as co-parenting and parallel parenting, and each has its own set of pros and cons.

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