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October 2019 Archives

Medical condition can cause involuntary intoxication

Police officers in Kansas and around the country will usually assume that a driver has been drinking when a breath test indicates that their blood alcohol concentration is .08% or higher, but it is possible for an individual who has not consumed a drop of alcohol to fail such a test. In 2015, a judge in New York dismissed a drunk driving charge against a woman who had failed a breath test after a doctor revealed that she suffered from an obscure medical condition known as auto-brewery syndrome.

Congress proposes vehicle technology to prevent drunk driving

Being arrested for drunk driving in Kansas can lead to serious consequences. People who are confronted with these allegations might face jail time, fines, a license suspension and other penalties. While law enforcement is actively seeking to stop and arrest drivers who might be under the influence, there are other ways in which legislators advocate DUI prevention with technology automatically installed in new vehicles.

Child custody and smoothing the process for kids

When there is a divorce in Kansas, parents face the challenge of helping their children adapt. Often, this is a difficult adjustment for children and it is beneficial for the parents to be prepared to assist them. As the case moves forward, it is wise to be fully prepared to navigate the children through this complicated situation.

Pharmacy chain sues game company over contract dispute

Some Kansas gamers may appreciate the convenience of being able to pick up their favorite titles at a local pharmacy, but a deal between Walgreens and AtGames has led to a breach of contract lawsuit. The pharmacy chain sued the plug-and-play game developer, saying that the company refused to honor an agreement about unsold units. According to Walgreens, AtGames provided products to the pharmacy company with a "guaranteed sale" clause. This means that the game company had to accept back unsold units and refund Walgreens what it paid for them. However, Walgreens says that AtGames has refused to pay for unsold games that it returned.

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