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August 2019 Archives

Do you need to write a breach of contract letter?

Contracts are valuable tools for any business-related relationship. They can act as a safeguard to ensure that any other people or companies your business works with understand the scope and nature of their participation in a project. Of course, contracts are just pieces of paper, and some contractors may choose to violate the agreed-upon terms.

Kansas residents face DUI charges after crashing into police cars

Two Kansas motorists were charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol on Aug. 17 after being involved in motor vehicle accidents with Wichita Police Department patrol cars. The first crash took place during the early morning hours on West Kellogg Drive. The second occurred in the late evening on North Hydraulic Street.

The financial fallout of gray divorce

More people in Kansas and across the country are choosing to divorce later in life. In the past 20 years, divorces involving couples aged 50 and up have more than doubled nationwide. In 1990, only 10% of people seeking divorces were over 50, but a full one-quarter of divorcing spouses were over 50 by 2010. There are a number of reasons for these changes, including the fact that people who are more socially comfortable with divorce are now older. In addition, people are more likely to divorce in second or later marriages; not all of these divorces involve long-standing couples.

Paternity, fathers' rights and protecting your interests

Fathers play an extremely important role in the lives of their children. There is significant evidence that suggests that kids benefit when allowed to maintain strong bonds with both parents, even if it is after a divorce or in situations where the parents are not married. It is often particularly important for Kansas dads to learn how they can protect their rights as biological parents.

Financial tips for the divorce process

For people in Kansas, divorce can mean both emotional and financial turmoil. The former can make the latter worse, so it is important to start with a practical plan for one's finances. People should make a short-term budget that encompasses new expenses, such as new health insurance and a new vehicle. The budget can be revised after three to six months once the person has a better handle on expenses.

Relocate or keep the house after divorce

A divorcing parent who wishes to gain sole ownership of the family home in Kansas has several choices. Divorcing parents may decide to let the children grow up in their family home only to sell the house later and split the proceeds. Child custody, parenting plans and visitation options are not permanently decided.

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