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July 2019 Archives

Social media use can negatively impact divorce

Social media is increasingly pervasive in Kansas and across the country, and participating in it can be problematic for people who are approaching or going through a divorce. For people who are considering ending their marriage, it can be a good idea to take precautions with regard to social media use. Once something has been posted online, it is out there for the world to see, which means it could become fodder for use by adverse parties or their lawyers. Damage control prior to divorce can be performed by removing mean-spirited, negative or lewd comments or posts.

Chargebacks could deter vendor contract violations

Running a successful business often means making valuable connections with other people and companies. In some cases, business owners may need to work with outside vendors in order to obtain products, especially in retail settings, or to procure supplies for manufacturing. Of course, if you work with outside parties, you certainly want to ensure that they hold up their side of the arrangement.

Drivers can refuse to take field sobriety tests

Before July 1, drivers in Kansas could be ticketed for not taking field sobriety tests. However, a change to state law means that drivers will now only face a license suspension for a test refusal. The license suspension is good for a full year, which is the same penalty for failing a blood or breathalyzer test. Furthermore, it is still possible for a driver to be charged and convicted of a DUI based on other evidence collected.

Tips for divorced parents to help children adjust

Divorce can be hard on some children in Kansas, but their parents can take steps to make the adjustment easier. Parents should not make their children feel that they must choose between them. Children should be able to spend time with either parent and express love for parents and stepparents without guilt.

The good things that happen when parents work together

Parents in Kansas and throughout the country may be anxious about raising their children after a divorce. However, as long as they place the child's needs above their own, it can be a positive experience. Eventually, children are able to accept that their parents love them even if they don't necessarily love each other anymore. Over time, the relationship between the parents may improve as well.

No perfect time to file for divorce

Kansas residents might be surprised to find out that divorce filings increase significantly in March and August, according to a study presented at the American Sociological Association in 2016. While experts say that there is no perfect time to file for divorce, the preparation for it should begin months before.

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