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May 2019 Archives

How Kansas women can prepare for a divorce

While divorce is never simple for anybody regardless of their gender, women often face unique challenges. Unfortunately, some wives are not kept up to speed on the household's entire financial picture. Being in the dark about financial assets such as investments can make it difficult to navigate the difficult process of divorce.

Will your child need your guardianship even as an adult?

If you have a child with certain special needs, you may understand and accept that your child will never have the ability to fully control his or her own life. You may not have had to worry about this issue much because, as the parent, you have done your best to care for your child and handle his or her affairs already. However, as your child reaches the legal age of adulthood, you may need to take steps to maintain that ability.

What may happen to a business in a divorce

Kansas couples who own a business together must decide what to do with the business if they get a divorce. Some couples are able to continue running the business even if they do not have an amicable relationship although this can make it much more difficult. They may need to find a way to restructure the business to minimize their contact with one another.

The keto diet could render false positive breath test for DUI

Residents of Kansas who are on the popular keto diet for health and weight loss might want to hear about a curious drunk driving case that happened earlier this year. The Houston-area attorney for a man who was charged with DUI got the charges dropped after discovering that his client was on the keto diet. The attorney claims that a positive breath test was reading alcohol on the man's breath that was not there because he had been drinking, but because he was in ketosis.

Higher-earning wives may be more likely to divorce

When a Kansas wife earns more money than her husband, divorce could be more likely. This is true even though women make half the income or more in nearly 33% of relationships. According to a 2017 report by the Pew Research Center, a perception remains that men should be the breadwinners.

How income factors into child support payments

Kansas parents who get divorced may be required to pay child support to their spouse. The amount of a child support payment will be partially based on a parent's income. A judge will usually include salary, interest income and any distributions received from an employer or from a business that the parent owns. Other forms of income that may be used to determine a child support payment include deferred or carried interest as well as any bonuses received.

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