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April 2019 Archives

Do you hope to obtain alimony as part of your divorce?

Getting a divorce significantly changes your life. Though you likely expected a certain amount of upheaval, you may now realize that you have a substantial number of questions to find answers to as your divorce case moves forward. In particular, you may wonder how you will address the financial changes you will likely face.

Ensuring retirement savings are available after divorce

People in Kansas should take steps to protect their retirement in case of divorce. IRAs, 401(k)s and pension plans may all be subject to division in divorce. Negotiating property division can be emotionally challenging, but it is also important to set those emotions aside and treat the process as a business decision.

Kansas man sentenced for fatal DUI crash

A 24-year-old man was sentenced to nine years and one month in prison on April 5 for causing an August 2017 crash that claimed the life of his passenger. In February, a Sedgwick County jury found the man guilty of involuntary manslaughter while impaired by drugs, aggravated battery, driving with a suspended driver's license and failing to yield at a stop sign. However, the man was not immediately transported to prison and is instead being held at the Sedgwick County Jail. This is because there is another criminal case pending against him.

Woody Allen sues Amazon over film cancellations

Kansas residents are likely aware that allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein helped to give rise to the #MeToo movement. The popularity of the hashtag and the seriousness of the allegations it often accompanied has prompted many companies in the entertainment sector to reconsider their casting and business decisions, and this has given rise to lawsuits filed by men who feel that they are being treated unfairly.

Divorce and family businesses

People in Kansas who get a divorce may discover that finding a way to divide family assets in a way that satisfies everyone can be difficult and draw out the divorce process. If one of those assets is a family business, they may find that the problem is compounded.

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