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Month: March 2019

What can I do if my customer won’t pay?

If you own a Kansas business, getting your clients to pay on time is a high priority for you. When a customer pays for your product or service, you, in turn, can pay your employees and vendors as well as your rent, utilities and other expenses that keep your business...

Home sales during divorce

Homeowners in Kansas who are getting a divorce may decide along with their future ex-spouse to sell the family home during the divorce. This solution is a common one among divorcing couples who have to address what will happen to the home. However, before they take...

Tax exemption issues in child custody situations.

Many divorced and separated parents in Kansas save a lot of tax money by claiming their children as dependents. In some cases, however, both parents feel the right to claim a child. It might come down to the primary caregiver doing battle with the primary financial...

Staying on path for retirement after a divorce

According to statistics, the rate of divorce among those 50 and older has increased dramatically since 1990. This can have a variety of impacts on a Kansas resident's life. For instance, a divorce later in life could make it harder to retire or have a financially...