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February 2019 Archives

Michael Jackson's estate sues HBO over documentary

Kansas residents who subscribe to HBO may be aware that the network has plans to air a controversial documentary about the deceased pop superstar Michael Jackson. "Leaving Neverland" is the account of two men who claim that Jackson molested them when they were children. Jackson's relatives say that the documentary is little more than unsubstantiated propaganda, and attorneys hoping to prevent the film's airing filed a lawsuit against HBO on Feb. 21 in Los Angeles.

The informed consent rights of stepparents

Stepparents in Kansas and other states may be allowed to give consent as it relates to their stepchild's medical care. However, this is generally only true if the stepparent is the child's legal guardian or has legally adopted the child. It could also be true if the child's legal parent has consented to the stepparent providing consent related to a child's medical care. An exception could be made in the event that the child is in significant pain.

Working together for a negotiated divorce

Many people in Kansas think of popular media portrayals of divorce, and it may hold some people back from taking action to move forward from an unhealthy or unhappy relationship. Divorce is often associated with drawn-out court battles or scorched-earth custody disputes, but the end of a marriage does not have to be so traumatic. Of course, a separation always comes with serious emotional, practical and financial consequences. However, it does not need to be accompanied with bitterness or years of legal disputes.

Nystagmus test gives controversial sobriety results

A nystagmus test is a common sobriety test that is used in the field to determine if an individual is under the influence of alcohol. The test is formally referred to as the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. The term "nystagmus" is an involuntary movement of the eye, such as a jerking or jiggling motion.

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