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December 2018 Archives

Real estate and property division during divorce

The marital home can be one of the most highly valued assets by Kansas couples making the decision to divorce. Unlike purely financial assets, real estate cannot simply be divided in two. In addition, many spouses feel a deep personal connection to the house. However, the financial priorities lead many couples to deal with the family home by selling it as part of the divorce.

Do you believe it is time to seek guardianship over your parent?

In many cases, watching a parent age can be difficult. Though some individuals may age gracefully and maintain many of their mental and physical abilities, you have noticed that is not the case for your parent. While the concerns you first had may have been minor, you may now feel that your parent no longer has the ability to properly handle his or her affairs due to mental decline.

Child custody matters can get messy

During a divorce, child custody decisions can often be difficult to make. However, if parents in Kansas decide among themselves that they will share joint custody of their children, the process could be much easier for everyone. The key to a joint custody relationship is real cooperation between the parents.

Child custody hearings result when parents cannot agree

When parents in Kansas end their relationships, they must determine the details of child custody. This process does not necessarily require court intervention, but disputes could result in the parents presenting their positions in court and awaiting a custody decision made by a judge. A child custody hearing usually happens when parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, or one person wants to restrict the other individual's access to a child or children.

Is your construction company facing a fraudulent mechanic's lien?

When working on a construction project, you may need to enlist the help of subcontractors and will you will likely need to work with other companies in order to get your supplies. Often, these business relationships can prove immensely useful, and your construction project can get underway and completed successfully.

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