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October 2018 Archives

The various theories behind drunk driving laws

In Kansas, the legal blood alcohol limit is .08 percent. However, various groups are of the opinion that this limit should be reduced. In fact, the legal limit in Utah will be .05 percent starting at the end of December. The National Traffic Safety Board also agrees that drivers should not operate motor vehicles with a blood alcohol content of more .05 percent. Research from the Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute found that most Americans were in favor of such a reduction.

A stepparent's rights to involvement with their stepchildren

When a Kansas stepparent is involved in the daily life and raising of their stepchildren, they may want to take certain steps to make the relationship work. Around 40 percent of married couples with kids are blended families. The stepparent's involvement in their stepchildren's lives can be positive, negative or even complex at times. That's why it's important to understand their legal rights.

Researchers look at link between workplace and divorce

People in Kansas who work in the hotel and restaurant industries might be more prone to divorce than those in other lines of work while librarians and farmers may have a much lower risk of their marriage ending. These were among the findings of a study conducted by researchers at Stockholm University.

A contract can protect your business

Contracts are the backbone of a business. Kansas entrepreneurs who attempt to transact business without the security of a contract may soon find themselves struggling to get paid or haggling over the details of a verbal agreement. Without a contract, you may soon find that your customers and clients are taking advantage of you, or that you are wasting valuable resources dealing with disputes.

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