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August 2018 Archives

Playboy accuses cryptocurrency company of breaching contract

Plans that were in place to allow Playboy fans in Kansas and across the country to access the magazine's content with cryptocurrency payments have fallen through. Playboy Enterprises is suing Global Blockchain Technologies, the cryptocurrency company GBT, for breach of contract and fraud.

Negotiating house rules for parents after divorce

When parents in Kansas divorce, their existing irreconcilable differences and mutual problems can be reflected in the child custody arrangements. Many parents find it hard to agree on house rules and a unified approach to parenting. However, children often find divorce to be upsetting and confusing, and stability and support can help them feel more secure at a challenging emotional time. This could mean that even former spouses with significantly different views on child-rearing need to work to reach an agreement in order to benefit their children.

How retirement funds are affected by divorce

When couples in Kansas decide to divorce, they often forget to consider the future of their retirement savings. However, the distribution of retirement funds can be one of the most significant financial consequences of the divorce. One partner's seemingly large stash for future retirement needs can be cut in half seemingly overnight, and the years to come can require that person to step up contributions to plans and other retirement savings. This can be complicated further by mandatory annual caps on contributions to qualified retirement accounts.

Did a relationship with a business supplier turn sour?

Running a business is a substantial endeavor and definitely one you cannot do on your own. Even if your company remains relatively small, you will still need to obtain your materials from somewhere or have a manufacturer to create your products. As a result, you will need suppliers to help your business grow.

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