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July 2018 Archives

Making co-parenting work following a divorce

A divorce in Kansas can involve multiple steps, from dividing marital assets to determining if spousal support is necessary. If a marriage resulted in children, another major issue is co-parenting arrangements. Making an honest effort to make co-parenting work could minimize the legal and emotional challenges that sometimes complicate matters.

Dealing with divorce-related financial surprises

Kansas wives who are considering divorce may be interested in learning about some of the surprises that may come up after a marriage ends. According to a recent survey, more than 45 percent of divorced women were surprised by some of the financial challenges they faced following their divorces.

How BIM can help with dispute resolution

If a construction dispute took place in Kansas or anywhere else in North America in 2016, it took about 14 months to resolve. Furthermore, average disputes had a value of $21 million, according to Arcadis. Unsubstantiated claims were one of the most common reasons why construction disputes were resolved through a formal resolution process either inside or outside of court. However, the use of building information modeling (BIM) can help resolve disputes in a timely manner.

States urged to toughen drunk driving laws

A growing number of car accidents in Kansas and across the country is prompting demands to lower the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit once again. Deaths related to drunk driving have dropped significantly over the past decades, but a significant percentage of fatal accidents continue to be attributed to the influence of alcohol, exceeding those caused by distracted driving or drugged driving. According to one study, almost 40 percent of those killed in drunk driving accidents were not drunk themselves.

Are you considering staying together for the kids?

After having children, you likely enjoyed looking at your family as yourself, your spouse and your kids. You may have gotten along as a cohesive family unit for some time, but due to one reason or another, you realized that the marital relationship was no longer working. While you may feel that divorce would be the answer to regain some level of personal happiness, you may wonder whether it would work in the best interests of the kids.

The length of a divorce

Divorce can be a harrowing process. Both parties tend to want to get it over with quickly, yet this may not always be possible: In Kansas, the best-case scenario is for a divorce to last for a couple of months while it could drag on for a couple of years. The faster a former couple can come to an agreement and file the paperwork, the faster they will be able to wrap up the entire process and put it behind them.

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