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April 2018 Archives

Options for child custody schedules

When Kansas parents of young children get a divorce, they should keep in mind that there are many different child custody schedules they can create that suit their own schedules and situations. The traditional arrangement in which the child lives with the custodial parent but spends alternating weekends with the noncustodial parent may work for some parents and their children, but there are many other options available as well.

Getting financial matters organized before divorce

For some people in Kansas who are considering divorce, a first step may be to get copies of all financial documents and put them somewhere safe. These can help a person who has not participated much in financial decisions to start learning about the family finances, and getting copies saves a person having to do so later when the divorce might have turned acrimonious and they might be much more difficult to get from the other spouse.

How to help the child of a divorce make a healthy adjustment

Kansas parents who are going through a divorce may want to take certain steps to make sure the separation doesn't have long-lasting negative effects on the children. In fact, parents should leave children out of their conflicts entirely. Efforts to turn children against the other parent can harm the child and potentially backfire.

Looking for ways to stop an eviction?

It's not always easy to meet rent payments on time. If you've struggled to do so, you're certainly not the first person, nor will you likely be the last to face economic challenges that cause a predicament to your rental payment schedule. If your landlord has said or done something to make you worry about eviction, it may help you gain peace of mind if you seek clarification of your tenant rights and know where to seek support if your fears become reality.  

Divorce finances improve with planning

Kansas couples should know that the best time to plan for the end of a marriage is well before the start of trouble. Waiting until a divorce action is filed to think about money can leave spouses in financial jeopardy that reduces their negotiating power and hampers their ability to successfully transition to post-divorce life.

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