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March 2018 Archives

Divorcing parents can craft a plan for visitation

For many divorcing parents in Kansas City, deciding questions of child custody and visitation can be very complex. Losing time and space with one's children can be a painful experience. However, separated parents must consider their different lifestyles, employment obligations and other issues when creating family time agreements.

Child support enforcement system sees improvements

During a divorce in Kansas, child support and other financial issues can be some of the most contentious and difficult to resolve. Nevertheless, after the divorce is final, and a child support order is issued, it is mandatory that parents pay the support required. When a someone fails to pay court-ordered child support, the consequences for his or her children's well-being can be serious. Due to the importance of mandatory child support, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is working to improve the mechanisms used to enforce and implement child support orders.

Your actions could have significant impact on child custody

As a parent, you want to do right by your children. When you first got married, you may have thought that you and your spouse would be the perfect team for raising children. However, as the years went on, you may have come to realize that the two of you do not make a strong team when it comes to many areas of marriage. Now that you are heading for divorce, you may wonder what will happen when it comes time to make child custody decisions.

Splitting 401(k) plans correctly

One of the many issues that Kansas couples may face during divorce involves dividing retirement assets. During this process, they should be very careful as different retirement accounts have their own sets of regulations. Dividing the funds in the wrong way may result in very high penalties and taxes as well as unintended allocations to an ex-spouse.

I want to see my grandkids; what rights do I have?

It happens all too often. People have kids, and those kids grow up to have children of their own and turn to their parents for help. Then, for personal reasons, they stop letting their parents see their grandkids. This not usually an expectation, but it happens. Now, parents do have the right to say who their children can see and when, but in the state of Kansas, grandparents have rights, too.

Fired PBS host sues former employer for breach of contract

Viewers of Public Broadcasting Service stations in Kansas will have more to hear from the former PBS host Tavis Smiley. PBS leadership dismissed him from employment late in 2017 after his staff members accused him of sexual misconduct. Smiley has announced his intention to file a lawsuit against his former employer because he said that PBS violated the terms of his contract by firing him.

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