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January 2018 Archives

Myths that hurt marriages

Problems within a marriage sometimes arise not out of fundamental differences between two people but because of faulty ways of thinking. Kansas residents might like to know about some widely believed marriage myths that can actually hurt relationships. These toxic views can warp one's perception about marriage and cause issues in even healthy unions.

Different types of construction contracts

Kansas residents who need the services of a construction company should be aware of the different types of construction contracts. The contracts, which are legal agreements with binding terms for the builder and owner, details exactly how much the builder will be paid and the manner in which the payment will be disbursed. Also detailed in the contracts are specifications, quality expectations and the expected duration of the job. The different types of contracts can be customized to address the unique needs of the project.

Spy technologies can complicate divorce

Many people in Missouri considering divorce may be concerned about the impact of the age of technology, social media and smartphones on the end of their marriage. This fear may be exacerbated in situations where a troubled marriage is accompanied by abusive or controlling behaviors. The advent of technologies like GPS trackers can make stalking a real and dangerous threat.

Effectively navigating contract disputes

Contracts are a tool used by businesses to outline the terms of a professional relationship. From explaining employee-employer expectations to securing transactions with vendors, the intent of a business contract is to protect the interests of both parties. When one side violates the terms of a contract, it could be grounds for legal action.

What to do when getting ready to divorce

When some people in Kansas return to their regular lives following the holiday season or summer vacation, they might have made a decision to divorce. Attorneys report getting a high volume of calls at both of these times of year. Even a person who has not yet made a decision about divorce can start to learn more about the process and prepare in case it does come to pass.

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