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Reasons to remain married or get a divorce

When married Kentucky couples who have children are contemplating divorce, the biggest concern that they may have is how the children will handle it. Couples on the edge of a divorce have several factors to consider, especially if they are concerned that getting a divorce may not be the right choice where the children are concerned.

The different ways to settle a divorce

For Kansas residents, filing for divorce may be a painful process. This may be true whether a person opts for mediation, a collaborative divorce or litigation. Regardless of how the end of a marriage is handled, the first step is to actually file for divorce.

Age, education and attitude influence chances of divorce

Social scientists have identified a variety of demographic factors and behaviors that increase the likelihood of couples getting divorced. For example, a newlywed couple in Kansas that displays affection frequently could actually see the romance fizzle more often than their less affectionate counterparts. The results from a 13-year study of 168 couples showed a higher divorce rate among the people who had started out with intense passion.

Tenant disputes could arise even with a lease agreement in place

Most Kansas residents enter into various agreements throughout their lives. Sometimes, the agreements are casual enough that you may not even consider the fact that you made an agreement. On the other hand, some arrangements may need a more formal approach, and if you are considering becoming a landlord, having a lease agreement could work in your best interests.

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