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Tips for consistent household rules for children after divorce

Some divorced Kansas parents may be concerned about how to make sure children continue to have stability and consistency despite having to move between two households. Parents should make an effort to set aside their differences and put the well-being of their children first after a divorce. This may mean sitting down with the other parent and working toward a compromise on issues such as bedtimes, time spent playing video games and junk food. It may help if parents decide ahead of time what issues they are willing to compromise on and what issues are so important for them that they will not budge.

Now you see them, now you don't: Is your spouse hiding assets?

When you look toward the future after your divorce, you may be a little worried about certain things. For instance, you're probably more than a little concerned about how your children will fare, especially if they've always had a very close relationship with their other parent. You may worry whether living in separate households will cause them undue stress. Also, if you've been out of the Kansas workforce for some time, you may also be anxious about your finances; hopefully, property division will help with that.

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