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Criminal Defense Case Results

Every individual accused of a crime has a right to a jury trial. This is an essential aspect of criminal law in the United States. Unless you have a criminal defense lawyer who actually argues cases before juries, the district attorneys in our various counties in Kansas are not going to be impressed with an empty threat that your attorney will "take the case to trial."

If you are considering hiring an attorney with no trial experience, it would be wise to consider other options.

At Colgan Law Firm LLC, we have a record of success in jury trials. Below is a sampling of favorable outcomes for our clients.

Recent Jury Trials And Verdicts

7/14/2014 Leavenworth County — A jury trial in which our client was found not guilty on eight counts: aggravated assault, criminal threat, criminal restraint, domestic battery, aggravated battery, aggravated burglary, intimidation of a witness, and criminal restraint.

Instead, our client admitted to and was found guilty of two lesser offenses: violation of a protective order and interference with law enforcement.

1/17/13 News Update Eric Wanjiku Is A Free Man After Rape And Battery Charges Dropped

6/11/2012 — Leavenworth County — Our client was accused of obstruction, four counts of theft and three counts of burglary. Verdict: not guilty on the three counts of burglary. Prosecution refused a plea offer, and our client will serve almost 15 months less than he was willing to serve.

6/15/11 — Wyandotte County — DUI jury trial – The state dropped DUI charges and instead agreed to a traffic citation.

5/23/11 Jury trial on a charge of first-degree murder — two years of preparation and a week before trial the state allowed a plea to lesser charge which resulted in sentence of time served, approximately 25 months. Our client was looking at a life sentence and a possible hard 50 years. Preparation included months of investigation and a long-distance deposition with our client's medical doctor in California, who provided valuable exculpatory evidence.

5/2/11 — Jury trial on a rape charge — Our criminal defense strategy included digital recordings of telephone conversations with the alleged victim. The state agreed to a reduced charge and joined in a sentence of time served — eight months — rather than life in prison.

5/1/11 Wyandotte County — As a result of good preparation prior to this DUI jury trial, the state dropped DUI charges and instead agreed to a traffic citation.

1/20/11 — Leavenworth County — A jury trial on a charge of introduction of contraband into Lansing Prison — Verdict: not guilty.

7/26/2010 — Wyandotte County — A jury trial on a rape charge — Verdict: not guilty.

4/7/2010 — Wyandotte County — Our client was tried a second time on a DUI misdemeanor charge after a hung jury in the first trial. Verdict: not guilty.

3/11/2010 Leavenworth County — A jury trial on a charge of felony criminal threat — Verdict: not guilty.

3/8/2010 Wyandotte County — Our client was charged with two offenses: aggravated robbery and battery — Verdict: not guilty on both counts.

3/1/2010 — Leavenworth County — Our client was tried on charges of felony criminal threat and driving on a suspended license. At trial, our client admitted to the suspended license offense. Verdict: hung jury on five criminal threats against police officers and guilty on the lesser charge of driving on a suspended license.

Important Results Without Trial

8/7/2012 — Wyandotte County — Our client was accused of transporting 20 pounds of marijuana across state lines. A motion to suppress was successful on the grounds of an illegal stop, and the case was dismissed.

5/15/2012 Wyandotte County — Our client, a juvenile, was charged with arson and facing the possibility of years in jail. With our solid preparation and a motion of suppress, the case was dismissed. The companion case of criminal damage to property was also dismissed.

Johnson County — Our client was charged with felony criminal threat, and the charge was reduced by plea to one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Wyandotte County — Charged with rape and sodomy, our client was facing the possibility of more than 20 years in prison. We prepared a strong defense, and our client accepted a plea of 33 months.

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Of course, the results listed above are not a guarantee of future results in other cases with different fact situations. Every case is unique.

For a consultation to discuss your situation, contact us online or call our office in Kansas City, Kansas, at 913-721-6067.

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